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sisters in faithChristian Women's Guild and Girlfriends Unlimited have merged to create a new women's ministry for women 18 years of age or older.

The mission of Sisters in Faith is to make God's love real in the world by encouraging women to grow in a spiritual relationship with Jesus through prayer, obedience and Christian fellowship. Sisters in Faith also promotes strengthening of a faith foundation built upon Catholic values through good works in the church and community.

The first meeting of St. Fidelis Sisters of Faith will be held on Thursday, September 18th after the 6pm mass. It will be a Wine and Hors d'oeuvres gathering hosted by Father Murphy with more details to come. Reservations are required. Sign up on the sheets at the back of the churches. Call Alice Carbin at 724-482-4682, or email Jenifer Henry at jeniferlynn68@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

Dues are not required to join SIF, and all women are invited to our events. Each member is asked to help organize and carry out a monthly meeting and work one or more of our fundraisers each year. The schedule of future meetings and events as you like when your schedule permits.

Membership cards will be available in the back of the church or in the parish office.

Please join us in praising God for his constant love and guidance that brought this new ministry to St. Fidelis and to pray for its success in serving the women of this parish and beyond.

Contact us at saintfidelis.sif@gmail.com


2014 Officers

Elena Flores-Noel elenanoel1@aol.com
Judy Wilson jwilson@zoominternet.net

co-Vice President
Chris Rockcastle chrisrockcastle@yahoo.com

Bonnie Sarver bonton58@zoominternet.net

Jenifer Henry jeniferlynn68@gmail.com
Alice Carbin amy81c@zoominternet.net

Julie Diamond juliediamond@zoominternet.net
Joy Mulkern joy@jimbarnaofpa.com

Advisory Board members
Melody Hunter mrshunter@idevelopment.info
Tammy Schultheis sitmom3@zoominternet.net
Maria Cosme maria.cosme@zoominternet.net
Pat Tarcha
Sharon Smolen sharonandjohn@zoominternet.net
Diane Miano